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Specifically designed to protect the new generation of ADP’s and ADCP’s from fishing gear depredation, available in several models for any application.

Model DK30-XxxxB
Model shown is configured for a Sontek 250kHz ADP, with battery pack.


The DK30 series is designed for use in the harshest environment. Other models are available for virtually any application.
Deflects fishing gear up and over sea-bed deployed electronics.
Recoverable and reusable.
Available in lowered, diver deployed and free fall models.


The shield is a truncated pyramid, built of marine grade aluminium, with 316 stainless fittings.
The instrument is mounted in the centre of the shield, in a gimbal with 200 travel.
The shield utilises a pop-up buoy and acoustic release for retrieval.
Ballast of lead shot is used to balance the shield. Ballast can be added or removed as required, depending on what optional batteries and instrumentation are installed.
Optional mast is used for lowering in deeper water.
Hold-down pads and a cable passage are provided on diver-deployed units.
Weight less than 220 lbs (100 kg) in air.

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