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Pop-Up Buoy

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Full Coastal Ocean Capability

  • A Pop-Up Buoy with significant buoyancy and depth capability
  • Self-Unspooling Design
  • Depth capability of up to 200m
  • Can use any acoustic release
  • Adaptable for many shields and bottom mounts
  • Line lengths to 280 m of 3/8” at 14,000 lb tensile


• Pop-up Buoy with buoyancy to lift long and heavy lines

• Rope spool can hold 280 metres of 3/8” spectra line

• Buoy can surface from 200 m even at 45

• Users can specify lesser rope lengths to reduce costs and spooling effort

• Larger diameter ropes can be accommodated

• Operators can utilize any acoustic release already in their inventory

• Spectra rope is almost neutrally buoyant so minimally affects buoyancy




Dimensions (Length x Diameter)

119 cm x 36 cm   (47” x 14”)

Weight in Air (without rope)

6.4 kg (14 lbs)

Buoyancy (SW)

40 kg (88 lbs)

Depth Rating



ABS floats with 316 fittings.


2 Viny floats 13.5”

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