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Bionesstm Net Control System

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A Control and Display System for all Zooplankton Net Systems

Graph CTD Data in Real Time
Drop Nets on Command
True Real-Time Control
Pre-program Autonomous Runs
Generate Raw & Converted Data Files
Retrofit Most Scientific Net Systems
Plug & Play with Most CTD’s
Stepper Motor Controller Built In
Battery Packs Included
Supplied Complete with Molded Cables

A whole new way to visualize and control net systems
Retrofit any Open Seas’ net system, including Bioness, Mininess, Tucker Trawls and RMT’s
Can also be retrofitted to other manufacturer’s systems

Bioness Net Control System

A full featured net control system, capable of operating a variety of multiple net zooplankton samplers.
Designed to interface with a variety of common CTD’s, including Sea-Bird, AML and FSI.
Most other makes of CTDs can be accommodated.
The Bioness Control System can be easily retrofitted to many existing net systems.

Deck Software

Controls net operations in real time (with conductive tow cable)
Programs data logger for autonomous operation (time, ascending or descending depth)
Displays CTD data in graph form
Calculates and displays:
All sensors in real engineering numbers
Net drops and net drop confirmation
Pitch, net efficiency and speed
Swept volume by net
Net number and time open
Records real time or uploaded data to disk
Replays archived data files through the graphical interface
Converts raw data run files to comma delimited converted files
Generates converted data files for each net in a tow
Embeds station data, system settings and coefficients in the data file
User settable sensor coefficients
Windows 95-98, ME, 2000 and XP compatible

Data Logger

Executes commands issued from the surface (e.g. net drop)
Controls autonomous operations
Records all run data on industry standard flash card memory
Date and time stamps data, holds longitude and latitude data
Plug & Play compatible with many CTDs, including up to 4 optional channels
Provides five 12 bit A/D interfaces for adding sensors (e.g. flourometer, DO, etc)
Commands and powers stepper motor to drop nets in any mode
Transmits real time data in RS422
Coax modems optional
Other Hardware

Deck Unit

Translates RS422 to RS232 output for computer interface.
Optionally contains modems for special cable requirements.
Includes high performance battery charger, which can recharge batteries in less than 2 hrs.


Standard battery pack is 12v, made up of 20 high output rechargeable nicad D-cells
Operates a typical net system from 24 to 48 hours without recharging

Other Items

Pressure cases
Pitch sensor
Flow meters
Molded cables
Stepper motor
Pressure compensated motor housing

Note: Retrofits may not require all items

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