SUBS Streamlined Coastal Instrument Mooring Buoy


A Model A2 SUBS highly stable instrument buoy. The unit shown contains an  RDI ADCP.

Product Details

Dimensions: (L x W x H)146 cm x 44 cm x 58 cm (57.5" x 17.3" x 22.8")
Weight in Seawater without flotation or instruments2 kg (5 lb)
Weight in Air without flotation or instruments24 kg (53 lb)
Weight in Air with flotation and ADCP36 kg (79 lb)
Buoyancy in Seawater with ADCP33 kg (72 lb)
Working Depth Rating200 metres
Drag Coefficient, actual (vs theoretical)0.6
MaterialHigh strength UV protected HDPE polyethylene
FlotationTwo Viny floats 13"


  • Dimensions shown include mooring attachment point and head guard.
  • Weights and buoyancy are shown with a standard RDI Sentinal ADCP mounted.

  Instrument Mounts


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