SUBS™ Streamlined Subsurface Buoys

Dimensions146 x 44 x 58 cm169 x 55 x 67 cm
Drag Coefficient0.60.6
Weight in Air (without instruments or flotation)19 kg (42 lb)28 kg (62 lbs
Weight in air with flotation27 kg (59 lb)62 kg (137 lbs)
Buoyancy (SW) without instruments60 kg (132 lb)51 kg (107 lbs)
Depth Rating200m6000m
MaterialHDPE, uv protectedHDPE, uv protected
Flotation3 Viny floats 13”2 glass balls 17”


  • Unmatched mooring stability provides the best in instrument platforms.
  • Virtually eliminates vortex shedding effects which are common with spherical floatation.
  • Eliminates the potential for the measurement errors associated with mooring vibration.
  • Substantially reduces mooring excursions and inclinations.
  • Significant improvement to depth keeping characteristics.
  • Self-compensating for mooring inclination and flow direction.
  • Reduced buoyancy requirement due to lower mooring frontal area.
  • Supplied complete with mooring tension/swivel hardware.
  • Supplied complete with buoyancy or purchasers can utilize their existing VinyFloats.

Product Details

Affordable Coastal & Deep Water Buoyancy

Significantly enhances data set quality from moored current meters

An improved mooring system for current meters and other oceanographic instrumentation.

  Streamlined Buoys


Weights and buoyancies are shown with mooring hardware

Comparative Mooring vs Spherical 13” Viny Floats

Shown 200m with currents of 1.5 kts

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